We Provide Data Science Training In India

Data Science can be defined as a multidisciplinary field. There are various kinds of methods coma processes systems and algorithms that are used in this field. It is a very broad topic. Its major purpose is to extract knowledge and gain insights from different kinds of structured and unstructured data. It can be understood as data mining and big data. Data science uses one of the most powerful qualities of hardware. It also utilizes the most popular programming systems. Data science has immense potential to utilize the most efficient algorithms to solve the problems. Data science training in India is a need of the hour as it is the latest development in the field of Engineering.

The sexiest job of the 21st century

In the year 2012, Harvard Business Review called data science to be the sexiest job of the 21st century. It was not less than a revolution. Data science became a buzzword. 2011 BBC documentary also featured that- Statistics is now the sexiest subject around. The point that that is to be conveyed is that data science is being recognized as a revolution in the century. If you have command over it, it is definitely going to take your career to a new level. You must take data science training seriously. If you have the training of data science along with internship, it is definitely going to be a feather in your cap.
The three main subjects that are covered in data science training are introduction to data science, Python for data science and statistics for data science. In the training of data science, you will be able to have a very clear understanding of different applications of data science along with the overview of the basic concepts of it. You will also develop an Insight with respect to its impact on other industries. Python is a new topic but statistics is not new to the students therefore the basic concepts of python are also covered. The training will also help you understand how to read a CSV file, variables, data structure, operators, dictionaries and functions.

Scope of Data Science

When we talk about the scope of data science, there is a lot of stuff to discuss. First of all, understand that the scope directly depends on generation of data. The future is going to be full of data. By the year 2020, data is going to be multiplied by 50. There are already 78,000 job openings in India in this field. The companies that have already hired various professionals trained in data science are Accenture, Google, Vodafone, Amazon, Adobe, Flipkart, Microsoft, etc. The industries that need the expertise of data science are telecommunications, e-commerce, fraud detection, energy, banking, defense services, and risk management. The Data science training institute in India may change or modify the coverage as per the latest developments in the industry.

Salary of 6 lacs

The salary drawn by a data scientist in the very beginning is 6 to 7 lakh on an average. Your dream of 10 lakh per annum is also not very far if you do some projects and internships under the guidance of your professors in this field. It is possible for a dedicated professional in data science to have the salary of 15 lacs per annum after the experience of 5 years. You can also draw a healthy package of rupees 20 lacs per annum after you complete 10 years in the industry. It is recommended that you keep yourself updated with the coming Technologies.

Job Profile of a Data Scientist

A data scientist collects a lot of data from different sources. He then removes the relevant data that has been collected and only utilizes the information that would help him. The next step is to process the data and find out the opportunities and challenges that are going to stand in front of the company in future. He produces different kinds of predictions based on his data visualization and application of tools and techniques on the data available. Then he gives some important recommendations based on your studies that help the company to develop its strategies. The best data science training institute, India knows all this well and you need to be prepared to get trained in this direction.