We Provide Data Science Training In Lucknow

There are different kinds of disciplines in the field of data science. It is a very broad concept and there is a lot to explore. It needs you to have command over the most efficient quality of algorithms. It will help you to solve the problems. Data science uses authentic scientific methods and process is data is available in two manners. There is structured data and unstructured data. You can be helped a lot in data science if you have command over data mining and big data. Data science training in Lucknow has all the potential to give you a wonderful seven figure salary also.

The sexiest job of the 21st century

The sexiest job of the 21st century is none other than data science. This was featured in Harvard Business Review of Harvard business publishing by Harvard University. The point to be understood is that if such a big management magazine is calling data science to be the sexiest job of the century, it means that the scope of data science is going to remain for the entire century. It is also important to note that statistics was also called as the sexiest subject around bye 2011 BBC documentary. BBC documentary is also not a small name. If such big names are endorsing data science, it is high time you take it seriously and take its training. Data science training is the one that definitely would set scope for you in many ways. You can not only be confident about a good job but also a promising one because data is going to be everywhere.

Coverage of the training

The three subjects that are covered in data science training are introduction to data science, Python for data science and statistics for data science. The Introduction of Data science makes sure that you understand the basic fundamentals of data science. It helps you understand different applications of data science. It also show created your understanding towards the manner in which data science creates an impact on other industries. The basic concepts of python are also covered in this training because Python is new to the students. The students are also taught about reading a CSV file, operators, dictionaries, data structure, variables and functions that are concerned with data science. You will also learn about data distribution, data statistics, probability and types of testing. You will also be able to understand the required concepts of descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. Generally it is not needed to cover the basic concepts of statistics because the students are already aware of them.

Scope of Data Science

If you are planning to take the training of data science, you must be highly confident about the scope of it for the entire century. There is a great career ahead waiting for you. The top companies who have already hired data scientists are Microsoft, Yahoo, Wipro, Google, Amazon, etc. The industries in which the importance and demand of data science trained professionals are banking, Healthcare, e-commerce, fraud detection, policing, etc. If we talk about the present scope in India for data science, there are 78,000 job openings for data analysts. There are more and more companies who are going to employ more and more people for analyzing data. By next year, 2020; data is going to be multiplied by 50. It means that it is not going to stop. The scope will increase for sure. Data science training institute in Lucknow is well aware of the scope and therefore they have designed their training strategies accordingly.

Salary of 6 lacs

A data scientist can draw an average salary of 6 to 7 lacs for sure. If you have a potential to present yourself better in an interview, you can expect a starting package of Rs.10 lac also. It is feasible for a professional with 5 years of experience to get the salary of Rupees 15 lacs per annum. After 10 years of experience, you can have an appraisal of more than 5 lacs and your salary will be more than rupees 20 lacs per annum. You will be e definitely getting it if you can also keep yourself updated with the new technologies coming in future.

Job Profile of a Data Scientist

A data scientist must collect a lot of data from different sources 2 to perform a very strong research to solve the problems. You also need to frame the questions so that the readers can move to a particular direction and think in the solution oriented manner. He also needs to process the data to find out the patterns and trends. It helps him identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company. A data scientist has the power to provide recommendations for the positive changes in the company. The best data science training institute, Lucknow will inform you about the job profile and everyday responsibilities of the Data Scientist better.