We Provide Data Science Training In Raipur

Data science has various disciplines that are applied using different scientific methods. The field of data science uses different processes systems and algorithms. The basic purpose of using these approaches in data science is to extract knowledge and arrange for the insights that are available from structured and unstructured data. Data Science can be reasonably compared with data mining and big data. There are very important tools that are used by data science. They are the powerful hardware, programming systems and wonderfully efficient algorithms. The training of Data Science is utilized to solve the problems. Data science training in Raipur will give you a wonderful start in your career.

The sexiest job of the 21st century

The sexiest job of the 21st century is none other than data Science as per the Harvard Business Review released in Harvard Business Publishing which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. It is not to be taken so simply, if such a renowned University has informed about its scope. Data science became a buzzword since then. It was also according to the BBC documentary released in the year 2011, statistics is now the sexiest subject around. Statistics used to be very simple subject in school days. Nobody knew it would set the foundation for data science which is going to be e dominant for the entire century. Data science training is going to be of high importance for these reasons.

Coverage of the training

There are three main pillars of data science training. Those are introduction to data science, Python for data science and statistics for data science. When you take admission in the training of data science, you will first of all understand the basic points to have a better understanding of data science. You will be able to understand different applications of data science and how is it possible for data science to affect other industries. There will also be the basic concepts of python training but not of statistics because the students are already aware of the basics of statistics. The detailed coverage of statistics would be data statistics, data distribution Probability and types of testing. It would also cover descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. In Python for data science, the coverage is of reading a CSV file, understanding dictionaries, Data Structure, operators, variables and functions. The Data science training institute in Raipur will fulfill its responsibility by completing the above mentioned topics and they can add more it necessary.

Scope of Data Science

The scope of data science is going to last for the entire century as per Harvard Business Review. It’s time to know more about it. Presently there are around 78,000 job openings in India for trained professionals in data science. This number is going to be increased because data is going to be generated. The data generation would be 50 times by the year 2020. It means that there is going to be more scope in the coming years. The top Industries that need the services of data science professionals are banking, Healthcare, risk management, telecommunications, fraud detection, e-commerce, etc. The companies who have already hired data scientist are Wipro, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Flipkart, Amazon, etc. There is a great career waiting for you if you can have good command over data science.

Salary of 6 lacs

You will be amazed to know the average salary of data scientist is 6 to 7 lacs. It is not a big deal to start with the salary package of 10 lacs per annum if you have done good projects and internships. You are also capable of crossing the package of 15 lacs per annum after 5 years of serving in this industry. The salary of yours will be more than rupees 20 lacs per annum, if you can perform for more than 10 years in the field of data science while keeping yourself updated.

Job Profile of a Data Scientist

A data scientist is supposed to perform the research on the data given to him in various ways. He can utilise the Tools and techniques that he has studied during his training. It is also possible that he invents new algorithms to solve those problems. He also discards the information that is not required by him and keeps the relevant information. All the solutions created by him are completely data-driven to prove the authenticity of them at any point in future. He then informs about his predictions based on data reports. This is the job of the best data science training institute, Raipur and they know the ways to train you well.