We Provide IoT Training in These Cities

IoT stands for the internet of things. The internet of things is a complex system of mechanical devices, objects, people, computing devices, digital machines, mechanical devices, etc that are interrelated with each other. They are blessed with the ability to transmit the data from one point of the network to another if they are given unique identifiers. There is no need for interaction between humans and computers and between two or more humans. The internet of things has real-time Analytics, commodity sensors, multiple Technologies, machine learning, and embedded systems. It is because of these Technologies, IoT has evolved and there is a lot of scope of IoT training in India.

Objectives of IoT course

The training of IoT is a course that is going to focus on the development of the latest microcontrollers along with the development of application, prototyping, and design. This is the best course for or the students of Engineering and graduates and who have a basic understanding of microprocessors and electronics. The objective of the course is also to make you learn the architecture of the internet of things. You will be able to help command over IoT devices, Software and Hardware requirements and components.

Prerequisites of IoT course

The internet of things is a revolution in the century and it has a lot of power to transform society. It has the potential to make society look completely perfect and sophisticated. It has taken technology to a very high level. The students are aspiring to pursue the IoT course must have the following prerequisites for easy learning. The students should know about networking, application design, security, business intelligence and Data Analytics, hardware, application development, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and security measures, etc.

Coverage of IoT training

The coverage of the training of IoT includes an introduction to IoT that has multiple topics, working with Arduino and Raspberry Pi, platforms of cloud computing for IoT, the interaction of IoT with Azure, considerations of design of IoT systems, real-time projects, IoT protocols, IoT security, and remote monitoring. You will study all the topics in very nice detail.

Placement assistance after training

You will have 100% placement assistance after the IoT training. The institute will provide you different rounds of interviews to different companies till you get the job. You will be getting the services of writing a resume also from us. We will conduct your mock interviews for your better performance. Aptitude comes before the interview round, so we take the technical test also.

Advantages of doing IoT course

You will be able to get many advantages of joining the IoT training institute in India. You will be getting hands-on project experience during the lab session. You will also be getting different real-time case studies for the sake of practicing. There will be free Technical Support for you even after the completion of the course. There are special backup classes available with the institute.

Salary after training of IoT

The salary after completing your training of IoT from the best IoT training institute, India would be around 6 to 7 lacs per year. This is going to be your salary package if you become an IoT technical architect. You can be on cloud 7 on getting such a high salary package at the very beginning of your career. If you become an expert after 3 to 5 years of experience, you can fetch the amount of 10 to 12 lacs per year.