We Provide IoT Training in Jaipur

IoT is called as the internet of things. Internet of things is a system that relates computing devices, digital machines, objects, people, mechanical devices, animals, etc that has the ability to transmit data over a network and is provided with the UIDs called as unique identifiers. They do not need interaction between humans and computers. There are multiple technologies, machine learning, embedded systems, real-time Analytics, and commodity sensors. This is the reason, IoT has evolved so much. It is time to know more about IoT training in Jaipur to make your career better.

Objectives of IoT course

There are different objectives of the IoT course. We want you to understand the difference between different boards of development. You will also be able to identify the differences between the different use cases of different power adaptors, solenoid valve, actuators, and sensors. You will be able to set up a Pi board of Raspberry and install Windows 10/Ubuntu IoT operating system. You can easily implement the solutions provided by IoT practically also. We train you new theoretical and practical both.

Prerequisites of IoT course

Every course has some of the other prerequisites. Prerequisites are the pre-requirements before appearing into any particular course of action. Here is the list of the prerequisites that are required to be in a candidate who aspires to pursue the course of training of IoT. These prerequisites are the knowledge of hardware, networking, application design, application development, security, business intelligence and Data Analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. A student does not need to be completely perfect in all these parameters but he needs to have a basic knowledge of all these.

Coverage of IoT training

The coverage of the training of IoT will include the introduction to IoT, designing considerations of systems of IoT, platforms of cloud computing for IoT, protocols of IoT, working of Arduino, working with Raspberry Pi, the interaction of IoT with Azure, remote monitoring, the security of IoT and real-time projects. There will be detailed training given on all these topics.

Placement assistance after training

The institute provides 100% placement assistance after IoT training. We will provide you multiple opportunities for facing the interview until you get the job. The resume preparation services are also given by the institute to the students. We also have immense experience in conducting the mock interview rounds for your betterment. Before the mock interview sessions, we also conduct your aptitude examinations.

Advantages of doing IoT course

You can get many advantages if you join an IoT training institute in Jaipur provide you be attentive in the classes. You will be getting free Wi-Fi for accessing the internet for learning. You can also go to the lab and practice well. There are real-time case studies for you to understand practically. You will be given the projects for hands-on project experience during your lab sessions.

Salary after training of IoT

When you complete your training from the best IoT training institute, Jaipur you will be able to get the salary of 6 to 7 lacs per year if you choose the position of an IoT technical architect. Your parents will be very happy after knowing your salary package in the beginning. After completing 3 to 5 years in the industry, you will be capable of drawing 10 to 12 lacs per year as an IoT expert.