We Provide IoT Training in Lucknow

IoT means the Internet of things. The internet of things is a combination of digital machines, mechanical devices, computing devices, animals, objects or people. This is called as a system that is interrelated with each other and it can transfer the database from one point to another over a network and it does not need any kind of interaction between two or more arguments or instructions given by humans to computers provided they are given unique identifiers or UIDs. There are real-time Analytics, embedded systems, machine learning, multiple Technologies and commodity sensors in the internet of things. This is the reason behind its evolution. Let us throw light on IoT training in Lucknow and its features.

Objectives of IoT course

The objectives of training of IoT are in many directions. This course will help you provide a focus on developing microcontrollers along with their prototyping, design, and application. It will help you understand the different layers of the infrastructure of IoT. You will get comfortable in using IoT microcontrollers and embedded systems. After completing the training of IoT you will be capable of working with the solutions of big data and deployment of Data Analytics will be your cup of tea.

Prerequisites of IoT course

The internet of things is spreading its legs in many countries of the world and the scope is continuously increasing with increased stability. In order to select good candidates for IoT training, the companies will also ask you whether you were proficient in the prerequisites of the IoT course. Here are the prerequisites. One should have the knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence, to business intelligence and Data Analytics, security, application development, application design, networking, and hardware.

Coverage of IoT training

The coverage of the training of IoT includes an introduction to IoT, IoT protocols, design considerations of IoT, working with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, platforms of cloud computing for IoT, IoT security, the interaction of IoT with Azure, real-time projects and remote monitoring. This topic has been covered in very good detail.

Placement assistance after training

We will give you 100% placement assistance after the IoT training. We will help you appear in different interviews with different companies so that you can get the job. We will take care of preparing your resume for the interview. There will be mock interview sessions by the faculty members. You also have to give a technical round of tests before appearing in the mock interview.

Advantages of doing IoT course

There are many advantages of joining an IoT training institute in Lucknow provided you attend the classes regularly. There are real time case studies for you to practice and understand the concepts. There will be classes in the backup available for you in case you miss anything. There is the availability of free Wi-Fi for all the students. The institute offers batches on a regular basis as well as the batches on a fast track basis.

Salary after training of IoT

If you happen to take complete training from the best IoT training institute, Lucknow; you will have the guts to get the salary package of around 6 to 7 lacs per year as an IoT technical architect. You can be proud of yourself after this. After giving 3 to 5 years only to this industry, you can get a salary package of 10 to 12 lacs per year if you get the position of an IoT expert.